domingo, 10 de marzo de 2013

Words of Painful Wisdom: Information.

     Usually the meaning of these word is us taken very lightly, because many don’t have a clear vision of things, can’t get useful information because they don't understand the situation or themselves, that means they don’t fully appreciate this lifestyle, but one step at the time. To get useful information you need to fully understand were you are and were you want to go.

     At this lifestyle the subs, and slaves are submitted to our wishes and desires and is our responsibility to give them what they desire, and here is the point, we need to know their body, to know were we can spank to just hurt them, not cripple or damage them. To know they body really, really well, basic anatomy, their sensitivity spots and pain pressure points. Were is the best spot to do a knot so we can’t damage the blood pressure, usually many people do it because they read it, or because “its their way”, and don’t ask themselves why it is done like this.

     The very basis of the functions of the human body is something that many don’t take on account. For example someone that want to get a painslut need to understand these thing at the very least and be prepared en case of an emergency. I’m not wishing any harm, but how many of you got a medicine kit at hand or a pair of pliers at reach? . Understanding the rope, and understanding the sub mind and body are the key to be more effective, if we study they reactions we can be more efficient at giving them more pain and force their real limits, to really take them to the very edge of hell & heaven because you know were it is more effective to “apply their punishment”.

     For example if your sub comments to you that his most sensitive part are his legs, you focus on that part, but is you start to analyze, to focus on the reactions. You could discover that she has other more sensitive parts like they feet or his ass, but if you don’t try, if you don’t get information then you are wasting a mine gold

     I like to go a little further and get a cruder scenario of why this is so important; along the last couple of years we have seen a lot of misfortune on people of self-bondage thinking that they were prepared. Never realizing that the little detail that is slipping away could be avoided if they fully understand the scenario.

     The information itself can’t help you, it’s the way you use it, and if you are informed you are prepared, and you can take precautions and get a better strategy of what to do, it will let you adapt if something happens because you understand the mechanic behind it, knowing that now you have the tools at hand, and this. With time and practice, become wisdom.

     I want to restate that I’m not wishing any harm, just pointing that we can be more effective If we further understand the base, keeping our subs and slave on a more effective way, and that we can change and adapt if something happens, that we can react to some nasty surprise. That’s why information is so useful. Information is power.


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