sábado, 23 de febrero de 2013

Painful Words of Wisdom :Introspection

  Along these days and a free time on the Internet, a lot of ideas came to my mind about the common threads around here; many of them talk about our positions as Dom. At front of the situation at hand and the way one should act, this get me thinking about the attributes the one need to have to now to react, and I think that there is the catch, the way we behave.

  The way that we develop on a regular basis is the block of all reactions or decisions we make, I’m not saying that, if I follow some rules or behave on a way that the mainstream … tolerates me, I’m up to the title.

  First beyond all is the need to know yourself at the fullest and that, that’s the problem because introspection is something incredibly difficult and, to being honest, usually one don’t like what it find.

  The better you understand your desire's and your lust so you can point better what you want, what you can’t and what you need to know to achieve your expectations. you can get carried away but if you don’t do something to change it, to make it that it doesn’t happen again you likely to repeat it.

  I now that is a little philosophical and obvious to write these thing but I want to point out that the way that I get my rules, and my way to become what I am. not to point that you do something wrong, if one knows himself at the fullest then you can act at the fullest. Knowledge is the key; information is the key.

  It is hard to change a habit before so long but it’s never late to realize some facts that may lay dormant within our actions. So think of why you act like you always do, master yourself first.


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