jueves, 21 de febrero de 2013

Words of Painful Wisdom

     Im finding myself with a lot of free time these days,time long enough to post here on a regular basis, still not a internet people, but I shall go deeper on here and se what i can find and what i can contribute. looking forward for what we can give and get.

     Anther reason that Im starting heres is because along the internet i have seen an increasing numbers of people that is getting into these lifestyle, its a good thing but there are so many things that, or make them quit for the stereotype, or because they don't really get whats the meaning of this. or worst ( miss-information ). 

    Im not looking to make a "how to"guide because its no use, experience told me that each type of relation is unique and special, and you just can´t simply make a step by step guide. or you live it or not, as easy as that.

    Im looking to contribute to this, i love the domination and the bonds that it makes, many years of practice and experiences that want to share , also want to . . .generate points of view hopping that these help new people. and also to improve myself.


(si lo desean en otros idiomas comenten y lo traduzco)

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